In our Drama Training sessions, the emphasis will first be on establishing the three key factors for effective speaking; Voice, Words, and Text. [See: Individual Speech Training]. In addition the following three areas specific to drama, will be included:

  • Movement. Much of the skills required by an actor is based on the observation and the experience of human behavior. Movements, such as any physical action, facial expressions, and body language, all send out signals about personality, thought and emotion. Credibility is in part affected by what is observable, therefore “movement” must match intention and feeling, unless we wish to create a deliberate disconnect. Action often speaks louder than words.

  • Character study. There is always a human being behind the action and the words. Everything comes from a personality with attitudes, emotions, thoughts, intentions, etc. Put simply, studying a character is much like meeting someone and getting to know them. Our intention as actors is also to become that character. If our research into the role is too limited in time and scope, or our own prejudices affect our judgment, we may not achieve the desired level of credibility while performing. This is a performance preparation experience using the tools of psychological analysis.

  • Dramatic structure. The analysis of dramatic structure includes seeing both the micro- and macro-perspective of how the character or role fits in to the whole performance. A stage performance is usually subdivided into acts and scenes, and the actor needs to consider not only every aspect of each scene he or she is in, but also how the other scenes can have an impact on his character’s situation in the play.

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Performance coaching relates to the whole process of learning, from the complete beginner to the most experienced professional,
and uses psychological knowledge and theories about achievement motivation, self-realization, and self-expression.

The principles used here, are integrated with all the other subjects of training, such as speech training, drama, singing, public speaking and presentation skills.

[See: Performance Coaching]



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