“The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action”. ~ Herbert Spencer


This section is available to corporate clients who wish to fine-tune their skills for Public Speaking and Presentations, or receive Performance Coaching. Typical of high achievement oriented personalities, successful leaders never stop looking for opportunities to achieve excellence in their overall performance.

Our clients are usually high-level business and government leaders, but also managers and small business owners who wish to increase their effectiveness in verbal communication to develop their careers and businesses. Clients in this category also often prefer the convenience, efficiency, and discretion that comes with having private, individual training sessions.

Organizations may also use our training for general staff development in areas related to communications, such as customer relations and cross-cultural awareness. Depending on the specific needs of the client, these sessions may be conducted individually, in small or in large groups.



Guided by internationally accepted professional and educational, standards, the purpose of the corporate training is

  • to improve the overall effect of the voice for any form of verbal communication

  • to achieve greater influence and better results through effective and inspiring communication

  • to learn reliable and effective procedures for preparing presentations

  • to use verbal communication as part of an overall relationship strategy

  • to learn reliable and effective ways to prepare oneself psychologically for challenging performance situations

The nature of Individual Instruction provides continuous feedback during each session, and we relate the content of the training sessions to the client’s ongoing and most relevant professional experiences, such as upcoming presentations, speeches, media appearances, etc.

Drawing on physiological, psychological, and sociological knowledge and experience, the client is encouraged to take a holistic view of their performance experiences as the sessions work towards greater vocal and expressive awareness and skill.

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Course & reference materials are not included in the tuition fee, but will be recommended as needed.


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The corporate sessions for individuals are conducted by Dr. Derek Anthony. Each session will last from 60 to 90 minutes. The recommended number of sessions is 4 to 8, and the recommended frequency is 2 to 3 sessions per week. Follow-up sessions at later dates are also useful.


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All sessions will usually take place on premises of the client, unless other arrangements are preferred. In such cases, the individual sessions may take place at the studios of Music & Drama Institute Ltd. in Hong Kong. [See: Contact]


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The corporate sessions for individuals are conducted by Dr. Derek Anthony. Additional instructors will only be engaged after consultation with the client.

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