“Happiness comes through doors you didn’t even know you left open”. ~ Anonymous


Successful social events on both larger and smaller scales, are opportunities for the organizer to create a sense of belonging and goodwill toward causes and organizations. When the purpose is commercial, the result should be enhanced brand recognition, generating a sense of pride that comes from a positive, socially desirable association both for clients and employees, inspiring loyalty, providing an opportunity for relationship building, for marketing an image of uniqueness and excellence.


We provide what is often the highlight of the event: the performance aspect. Music, artists, and the Master of Ceremonies. Our expertise is in Classical music, providing opera singers, instrumental players, choirs, but upon request also our colleagues from the world of jazz and popular music. Our performances may include costumes and staging, or traditional concert attire. The choices we make for artists, repertoire, styles, and the visual appearance will be recommended based on an artistic conceptualization of the style and the specific purpose of the event.

  • Audience. Based on what we know about the purpose of the event, we design a proposal where we aim to describe the spirit of the event, the desired atmosphere, as clearly and detailed as possible. Therefore we also carefully consider the type of audience, their type of background, their tastes, and their expectations. Once a clear picture of the audience emerges, we can offer creative solutions for providing the most exciting and memorable event.

  • Program. We recommend both content and presentation of the program so that it can meet or exceed audience expectations, while supporting the overall purpose and image of the event.

  • Quality Control. We only work with professional performers.

  • Artist Management. See below.

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Another important element of a successful large scale social event, is the quality of the Master of Ceremonies. The MC is very much the official representative of the host, and not only helps the event unfold naturally, and makes the audience feel welcome, but also needs to capture the spirit and style of the event. Therefore the vocal quality, the delivery of the text, the overall manner, as well as the content, has to match the intentions of the organizer.

Choosing the appropriate speaker for the event ensures that the added cost of the speaker is worthwhile, but having a competent MC also protects the investment in the whole event.

[See: Press/HKTatler]

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Since the choice of artists and music often represent the highlight of an event, it becomes essential select to the most suitable performers and program. Besides having over 15 years of successful experience in selecting artists worldwide for an impressive array of clients, we also develop the programs, organize rehearsals, and supervise the implementation of each event.

Artist Roster

This is by no means a complete list, but a sample of artists that have already performed in events organized by The Music & Drama Institute Ltd.


  • Chris Moise - Trumpet


  • Robert Langston – Piano & Organ
  • Melinda Lee - Piano
  • Ernest So – Piano
  • Temirzhan Yerzhanov – Piano
  • Allen Youngblood – Keyboards – Jazz
  • Peter Yu - Organ
  • Ariele Zanini – Piano


  • Richard Bamping – Cello
  • René Mora Domenici – Classical Guitar
  • Anders Hui - Violin
  • Lee Chui-Tan – Violin
  • Andrew Ling – Viola
  • Laurent Perrin – Cello
  • Peter Scherr – Double Bass – Jazz
  • Zhao Yingna – Violin


  • Derek Anthony – Bass
  • Holland Ashley - Baritone
  • Yuki Ip – Soprano
  • Edmund Kwan – Bass
  • Teresa La Rocca – Soprano
  • Albert Lim - Baritone
  • Ken-David Masur – Conductor, Baritone
  • Dominique Moralez – Tenor
  • Stephen Ng – Tenor
  • Eyra Norman – Soprano
  • Ionel Pantea – Tenor
  • Alex Tam – Tenor