“The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them”. ~ Albert Einstein


Performance coaching relates the whole process of learning, from the complete beginner to the most experienced professional. Therefore  the principles used here, are integrated with all the other subjects of training, such as speech training, public speaking, drama, singing, etc. However, it is also possible to arrange individual counseling sessions or presentations for small groups on this topic.

Performance coaching uses psychological knowledge and theories about achievement motivation, self-realization, and self-expression.

Performance is ultimately about how we function in a specific social situation. It may be as a speaker, actor, or singer in front of an audience. This process involves purpose, specific actions, behavior, and the use of language. Most importantly from a psychological point of view, it is subject to evaluation. That means that the performer and audience will make assessments about the quality, relevance, success, and the degree to which the intended purpose has been achieved.

Ultimately to perform is not just about action, but about accomplishment. And achieving this successfully is an art.


Why performing triggers fear

Any form of public behavior is subject to a social comparison process. This may trigger fear of value judgments and the consequences of these.

By expressing oneself, one also exposes one’s true “personality”. While this liberating, it can also be psychologically risky. Drawing attention to oneself can illicit both positive and negative responses.

One may be lacking self-efficacy, or belief in one’s own effect. An issue of degree of confidence, which is linked to degree of mastery of the task, familiarity with the situation, and expectations based on past experience of success or failure in similar situations.

Emotional experience may distort one’s perception of reality, or even lead to avoidance of reality. The fear of public humiliation, shame, and embarrassment are powerful emotions. Alone the expectation of an emotional experience can be enough to trigger fear.



Through a gentle process of analysis of the client’s past and present performance behavior, we pursue the opposite of fear, working towards an approach to learning and self-realization that encourages life-fulfilling enjoyment, pleasure, and excitement.

Our approach to these very natural human challenges focus on three areas:

  • Understanding the psychological mechanisms behind success and failure

  • Developing a systematic personalized approach to handling performance pressure

  • Building self-confidence in learning and performance ability from a gradual process of positive reinforcement.



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"Derek Anthony is an accomplished performer and motivational coach who brings these talents together in the art of public speaking. He was able to provide both technical instruction on breathing and projection based on his many years in opera and music education, and counselling on social dynamics in our one-on-one tutorials.

He was an enormous help in managing my fears of public speaking -- I have suffered from stage fright ever since I can remember – and learning how to enjoy getting in front of an audience.

Thank you, Derek!"
Edith Terry
Managing Director
Cotton Tree Advisors







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